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A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

Through our stores and industrial & mission services we provide education, training, careers, and locations to recycle donated items.

Goodwill provides jobs in Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan.

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Goodwill is a non-profit provider of education, training, and career services for any person who wants meaningful employment.

Learn about the Impact Goodwill has on the environment

Our Impact

For over 100 years, we’ve been an entrepreneurial leader, environmental pioneer and innovator of “reduce, reuse, repurpose”.

Donate and Shop to Support Local Jobs.

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Visit one of our five locations across Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula to donate to Goodwill or shop our wide selection of items!

Goodwill Volunteers help make the possibilities endless.

Our Mission

Since October 1965, the mission of Goodwill Industries of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has been to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.

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We've got locations across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin for you to donate or buy items!

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Learn a fun fact or four about Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula! If you don't know much about us, we just might surprise you...

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Did You Know That...

We are huge proponent of recycling, keeping our earth clean, and diverting from the landfill!  Not only do we support the up-cycle movement by providing gently used goods, 85% of what we don’t sell gets recycled.  In 2020 we recycled over 8 million pounds!

Did You Know That...

Communities own their own Goodwill’s.  There is no financial ownership by an organization.  Truly a unique model for a non-profit.

Did You Know That...

One of Goodwill’s core missions is providing job training.  Last year Goodwill NWUP provided over 25,000 hours of job based skill development!

Did You Know That...

Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan employs over 200 individuals.  Over 5 million dollars in wages have been paid out in 2020 alone.

Did You Know That...

We operate a large assembly center.  We work with major fortune 500 companies (Caterpillar and Johnson Controls to name a few) to help create jobs for those with barriers to work.  By providing on the site job training, we are able to help people develop new skills, receive a paycheck, gain confidence, and most importantly, become empowered through the power of work.

Did You Know That...

We support our local communities by providing high quality, low cost treasures.  Our commitment to our communities is keeping our stores organized and clean.  We always keep shelves and hangers full and fresh!





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