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Meet Andy

Andy is one of our cashiers at our Escanaba Store. We just love Andy, but the not so well kept secret is that our clients love him more. When asked, they say they shop when Andy is working so that “we can check out in his line”. Always smiling, with something nice to say, Andy makes everyone’s day just that much better. Andy was born with a couple of physical challenges, but he says he’s been able to do just fine with the supports he’s been given. After working at a few other places, he joined us almost 7 ½ years ago. Why does he like Goodwill? “Well I like the customers. I got a lot of regulars. I like seeing them; they like seeing me. And well….I just like working, working in general. Being able to work”. We appreciate that in Andy as he’s always willing to jump in and help us out if we need him to work longer. In fact Andy volunteered on one days’ notice to switch shifts with a fellow worker to allow that worker to leave earlier for a family getaway. Says Rick Pepin, Store Manager, “we feel very fortunate to have Andy as an employee and are proud he’s been with us over 7 years”. Andy is a true testament to the Power of Work.


Goodwill and Comprenew hosts Marquette County Electronic Recycling Events.

Goodwill and Comprenew, in partnership with Superior Watershed Partnership and the DEQ, will be hosting an Electronic Recycling Event at the Marquette Public Works Building, 1100...

Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Announces Joint Venture with Comprenew

Marquette, MI –Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (Goodwill NWUM) is pleased to announce a joint venture with Comprenew of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to provide...