Goodwill also offers programming for people with disabilities providing opportunities to discover what makes a meaningful and quality day.

Endless Possibilities

Included but not limited to

Goodwill Possibilities is an exciting new program from Goodwill Industries of Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

It provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to discover what makes a meaningful and quality day. The program gives participants the experiences necessary to develop skills that support independent, full lives while increasing confidence. From basic respite care and day services all the way to Community Integrated Employment, our experienced staff will facilitate a program which will provide a positive and safe environment both at the center and in the community.

Experiences will include community access, vocational training opportunities, job exploration, socialization, on the job training and opportunities for discovery. The day service programs utilize activities such as art, music, health, and recreation to support the client’s ability to gain and maintain skills in new and creative methods. Additionally, participants can choose to be a part of a client council which functions as a governing body to help guide the program and activities.

Available Services

Included but not limited to

  • Community Integrated Employment
  • Skills to Get/Maintain a Job
  • Day Service/Respite
  • Customized Employment
  • Supported Employment
  • Community Programming
  • Benefit Planning
  • Career Online High School
  • Work Release

Initial Steps

After receipt of application, a thorough assessment will be conducted of the participant. From that assessment an individualized program will be created according to skill level and individual goals. Individuals are then re-assessed yearly and plans are adjusted accordingly.

Job Exploration

Job Exploration supports participants to discover their own skills and talents while identifying employment possibilities in the community. Participants are guided through a self-discovering process so they better understand their skills and challenges; the working environment that best suits them; and partner with local employers to complete informational interviews.

Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and recreation is an essential part of life and provides an outlet for creativity, passion, and freedom. Staff and local experts help participants to explore and discover skills and interests in areas such as art, music, cooking, and crafts.

Program Overview

Possibilities takes a holistic approach to teaching skills and help participants to create the life they desire. The curriculum intertwines each skill into all aspects of the participant‘s day, allowing for each individual to learn in their own way and pace.

Community Access

Possibilities introduces participants to community resources and provides opportunities for them to discover and expand their personal interests. Participants are supported to explore the community by engaging in activities, events, service projects, and volunteering.

Health and Wellness

Participants will have opportunities to increase their understanding of how to have a healthy life through nutrition and movement. Health and wellness are important parts of supporting participants to live long and full lives.

Functional Social Skills

The program utilizes a curriculum that gives participants the opportunity to learn, practice, and master social skills in formal and informal settings.